Ryse Energy Small Wind Turbine Renewable Energy

Ryse Energy renewable energy Installation on a telecoms tower including a small wind turbine

The telecoms industry is in the middle of a global green transition.

With more than 1.5 million towers in bad or off-grid locations, telecom tower operators are turning to hybrid renewable energy as the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable solution to power the industry.

With uptime requirements of over 99%, the power supply to remote telecom towers are a significant expense for telecom or tower operators which require electricity supply, and previously diesel generation was one of the only reliable option.

But the cost can be prohibitive, factoring in transport, maintenance and operations, coupled with the risk of equipment and fuel theft. There are intangible expenses too, including environmental and health hazards from harmful diesel generation.

Small wind turbine telecoms

On-tower installations of a Ryse Energy small wind turbine in the telecoms sector

But utilizing wind energy, solar PV and battery storage, hybrid renewables is now the primary choice for a resilient, reliable and green energy supply to off-grid telecom towers.

The combined energy sources are more effective at meeting the demand requirements of critical infrastructure such as telecom towers which require energy 24-hours a day than a single renewable solution alone.

Wind energy is available 24 hours a day, whilst solar PV has up to a 12-hour generation cycle, depending on the location. The combination of bo

th resources is able to produce a more consistent supply of electricity, with the strengths of each resource balancing the system.  As production from one resource dwindles, daily or seasonally, the other compensates for a greater consistency of energy production.

The solutions are agile and flexible in both sizing and space availability as they can be installed on-tower, or off-tower depending on specific site requirements. With remote monitoring and very little maintenance required, the system is highly efficient and enables

tower operators to take back control of their operating costs.

With more than 4,000 installations across all seven continents, Ryse Energy is the global leader in off-grid hybrid renewables, providing major players such as Vodafone, Telefonica, MTN and others green energy systems to drastically reduce diesel dependency, saving in some circumstances over 75%, whilst reducing the carbon footprint and boosting sustainability credentials.

This makes the choice to implement off-grid hybrid renewables a simple one when the cost reductions are so staggering. Making a green decision, an economical decision.