Ryse Energy, a global leader in decentralized renewable energy systems, has acquired leading US micro wind turbine manufacturer Primus Wind Power.

The strategic acquisition solidifies Ryse Energy’s position as the most diverse small wind turbine technology player globally, opens doors to new North American opportunities and fast-tracks American manufactured Ryse Energy wind turbines.

Ryse Energy’s acquisition of Primus Wind Power adds the proven AIR turbines to its diverse and high-performance small turbine portfolio. With over 180,000 units installed globally since 1995, the AIR turbines have a reputation for unmatched reliability in harsh climatic environments. Boasting CSA approval to UL and CSA specifications, Primus Wind Power’s AIR turbines have been used in a wide range of applications including marine, telecoms, military, residential and more.

The acquisition of Primus Wind Power unlocks strategic synergies with Ryse Energy. This move opens up new avenues for growth and expansion, including manufacturing operations in the United States. By bringing production in-country, Ryse Energy reinforces its commitment to job creation and economic development. Moreover, this acquisition serves as a springboard for further penetration and market share expansion throughout North America and nearby markets.

“The acquisition of Primus Wind Power and the AIR turbines is a significant milestone for us. We are driven by client demand, and we are seeing the need for micro turbines across the globe in a variety of applications from oil & gas, telecoms, security, to marine operations and road and transport,” said Alistair Munro, CEO & Founder of Ryse Energy. “This acquisition will enable us to offer our clients in international markets a wider, more diverse offering of high-performance wind turbines and hybrid renewable energy systems, whilst it fast-tracks our growth in the Americas and unlocks significant potential in nearby markets. ”

Ryse Energy’s renewable systems can be used as standalone technologies, grid-connected or off-grid with energy storage, or hybridized to create bespoke and reliable hybrid renewable solutions. The company works across a variety of sectors, from decarbonizing critical infrastructure such as telecoms and oil & gas networks, to marine and agriculture applications, to community power for rural electrification. The AIR turbine technology will enable Ryse Energy to offer more bespoke hybrid renewable energy systems for clients across the globe.

Commenting on the acquisition, Ken Kotalik, Director of Global Sales and Operations for Primus Wind Power, “The synergies between the two companies will give the Primus AIR turbine technologies a major boost on the international stage, whilst providing Ryse Energy the perfect platform for growth in the Americas. We are excited about the future of the AIR turbines within the Ryse Energy portfolio.”