August 29, 2023, Colombo: Ryse Energy will partner with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Sri Lanka Energy Program to support Sri Lanka’s transition into a cleaner energy-generating nation. Ryse Energy will introduce its renewable energy technology and expertise to help the island nation reduce its dependency on energy generated by fossil fuels. agreement to enter the UK medium and large-scale renewable energy sector.

The two organizations signed an agreement today and will partner to deploy sustainable energy systems that include wind and solar energy generation supported by battery energy storage systems (BESS). The collaboration will initially focus on advancing renewable energy in commercial and industrial sectors such as manufacturing plants, hotel chains, telecommunication companies, and the railway network in the country (specifically for railway gates and signals) to maximize the potential of self-sufficient operations through renewable energy sources.

The Group CEO of Ryse Energy, Alistair Munro stated, “Sri Lanka has excellent wind and solar resources, yet heavily relies on fossil fuel imports. We aim to enable change. Ryse Energy is looking forward to fostering the alliance we have built with the USAID Sri Lanka Energy Program to promote self-reliant renewable energy generation in Sri Lanka. As of now, we have commenced many of these projects that are at an initial stage.”

The USAID Sri Lanka Energy Program’s primary focus is to partner with key power and energy sector stakeholders to help Sri Lanka’s energy sector transition to a more secure, reliable, and sustainable system. The Program has been supporting Sri Lanka in restoring the cost-reflectivity in the country’s electricity tariffs, increasing investment in clean energy resources, improving demand-side management projects to increase energy efficiency, and supporting the deployment of advanced energy technologies over the course of the past two years.

“We are happy to explore the possibilities and collaborate with Ryse Energy to make Sri Lanka a greener nation”, Christopher Powers, Director of USAID’s Office of Economic Growth. “Our Program is always considering opportunities that reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and add more renewable energy to the Sri Lankan national grid. We hope to advance this objective by working with Ryse Energy”.

Ryse Energy recognizes that the growth of the energy sector in the nation is dependent on increasing the generation of renewable energy and will introduce their innovative, wind, solar, battery, and hybrid renewable energy systems to Sri Lanka imminently to decarbonize critical sectors and promote renewable, in-country energy sources. Ryse is delighted to join hands with the local energy program of USAID remains committed to the energy sector and will work to support the shared vision both organizations have for a greener future for the country.

About Ryse Energy:

Ryse Energy is an impact-driven, innovative, decentralized renewable energy technology company with more than 180,000 installations across all seven continents.

We are a primary manufacturer of high-performance small wind turbines, with a range of products from micro to medium capacity. Our portfolio of wind technology is the most diverse and advanced in the sector. We offer wind and solar as standalone technologies either grid-connected or off-grid with energy storage, and hybridize our wind technology with solar PV and energy storage to create bespoke and reliable hybrid renewable solutions across a variety of sectors, from decarbonizing infrastructure such as telecoms and O&G, to community power for rural electrification.

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