Mobile network operators, telecom tower companies and the wider telecoms tower industry spend over $19 billion on diesel fuel per year.

Ryse Energy has an extensive portfolio of off-grid energy systems, utilizing both our bespoke wind turbine technology, solar power systems and battery storage, enabling significant cost reductions by displacing diesel generators.

Ryse Energy has over 400 success off-grid energy installations at telecom tower sites. As a leader in the hybrid renewables fields, Ryse Energy has worked in partnership with several major MNO’s including Telefonica, Seintec MTN and Vodafone to deliver reliable, clean energy. Using a hybrid energy system at these sites ensures a reliable and more consistent electricity supply to telecommunication towers.

Our telecommunication tower systems can be installed at various location types and have configurations suitable for on-grid, off-grid and bad-grid tower locations. Our advanced small wind turbine technology can also be deployed on-tower or off-tower, this allows Ryse Energy to accommodate for all tower types and provide electricity for network services in any location.