Ryse Energy have bespoke systems that can be installed safely in built-up environments to provide consistent renewable energy. Our N-55 vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) can be advantageous for these types of projects. As they have a vertical axis blade, the rotational speed is lower than a typical horizontal axis configuration and is less intrusive on the surrounding area.

A new design that we have developed is the incorporation of digital advertising on these machines to further market a company brand. The turbine “donut” sign will incorporate between 1 & 3 digital 48 sheet, full video outdoor led displays, configuration will depend on viewability from different locations around the turbine. The additional revenue from the advertising display opens up sites that previously were not viable due to lower wind resources, making an acceptable financial return difficult. Such sites would be high traffic, high footfall urban environments to maximize advertising revenues, advertising revenues far exceeding electricity generation values. Discussions to date suggest that the “green” credentials and uniqueness of the advertising would present a premium on advertising and maximize revenues.

Ryse Energy also offers alternative options in built-up environments and have many successful installations comprised of rooftop solar PV arrays and small wind turbine technolgy, including the E-3 & E-5 roof mounted turbines and larger E-20 wind turbines.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Ryse EnergyRyse Energy small wind turbine