Ryse Energy have installations across all 7 continents and in some of the harshest, most remote environments. Having installations spanning from the islands of Tonga, the Caribbean and Cape Verde, to Antarctica, it is safe to say that no location is too remote.

Remote and Island locations often provide optimal conditions for a renewable energy project as they typically have a strong with resource from sea breezes, natural sunlight and adequate open land.

Renewable projects are advantageous to install in such locations as these areas and communities often have unreliable grid networks and rely heavily on fossil fuels delivered from generators. Communities have no control over the price of these fuels, which are often volatile in price and increase with market conditions. Fuel importation also causes logistical issues.

Ryse Energy offers a clean alternative to being reliant on diesel generators by designing, supplying and installing bespoke renewable energy solutions that provide consistent, green energy to the area. No longer do remote communities need to pay for the importation of fuels to the area and can instead benefit from their very own energy generation.