Agricultural sites typically have large open fields and a consistent high energy use throughout the year. These attributes offer optimal conditions for small wind turbine and solar PV energy systems, and allows them to efficiently generate sustainable, reliable and resilient renewable energy throughout the year, enabling significant cost reductions.

Ryse Energy has an extensive history of agricultural installations, with over 2,000 installations at farming sites across the globe. Ryse Energy agricultural installations date back over 25 years providing a wide range of reliable data for these projects.

Our bespoke small wind turbine, solar PV and battery storage solutions are able to accommodate the individual needs of each site. Our turbines can be installed as a stand-alone machine, multiple machines, or a hybridized solution with the addition of a PV solar array and/or battery storage unit to provide a more consistent energy output throughout the year.

Farmers have the opportunity to remove or significantly reduce their cost of energy by committing to a Ryse Energy on-grid and off-grid energy solution that will provide year-round energy generation. This will mitigate the increasing electricity charges that are rising each year and allow owners of agricultural sites to take control of their energy supply.

Agriculture Ryse Energy Small Wind Turbine