As a global leader in renewable energy, Ryse Energy works with the largest renewable energy bodies
and provides the highest standards or quality, reliability and transparency.

Ryse Energy is a member of the International
Renewable Energy Agency(IRENA)
Coalition for Action

The IRENA Coalition for Action is a key international network to discuss industry trends, determine actions, share knowledge and
exchange best practices with the vision to drive the global energy transition in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development
Goal on energy. Its mission is to convene a global dialogue amongst non-governmental and governmental stakeholders to develop
actions to increasing the share of renewables in the global energy mix.

The Coalition brings together over 100 leading renewable energy players including private sector companies, industry associations, civil
society, research institutes and intergovernmental organisations. Ryse Energy will now assist IRENA and other members in scaling up
renewable energy deployment across the globe.