The wind regime on Tonga tapu’s eastern side has been assessed at 50m height to deliver an average wind speed of 6.5 m/s annually. This project has the potential to reduce significant volumes of diesel use annually. This project would not only mean a big reduction in Tonga’s reliance on expensive imported diesel fuel, it also creates awareness within Tonga Power of the complexities of installing and operating wind turbine generators. The public would also gain confidence that Tonga Power continues to help Government seek ways to deliver on renewable energy projects.

John van Brink, Chief Executive of Tonga Power Limited stated that; “this is an important step for Tonga Power and for the country. Unlike solar power, wind generation is more complex. It requires understanding of rotating equipment and also an awareness of the temperamental nature of wind. This project will deliver fossil-free power to the grid and most importantly it will be another small step forward in meeting our targets for renewable energy delivery.”