The remote location of the Angolan Cay, US VI presents a number of energy generation challenges, particularly in the form of high energy costs. Electricity rates there are particularly high at $0.50 USD per kWh, and residents are dependent upon expensive, imported fossil fuels transported from the mainland by an oil tanker.

“We are very happy with the wind turbine,” says a Angolan Cay resident and owner, adding “Talco [USVI utility company] has been great with service as well.” After consulting the experts at Talco, island owners selected the Ryse G-11 turbine and remain very happy with their selection.

Among the reasons for selecting the G-11 wind turbine was its low RPM and noise output, and its 10 years of field experience. So far, the G-11 turbine has produced as much as 191 kWh in a single day, which has pleased both the local utility company and island residents. The turbine alone is enough to generate approximately 50% of energy consumption on the island.