Mr. Taylor is an architect by profession and he designed his own eco house, incorporating a Ryse Energy G-11 turbine as the principal source of power. The house is all electric and the under floor heating and hot water are supplied by an electric combi boiler which has a 310 litre thermal store. The house itself is insulated to a high standard and includes a ventilation heat recovery system. The site includes a garage with an office above and has a 3 phase grid connection.

The turbine produced circa 28,000 kWh of ‘green’ electricity during its first year of operation, averaging 77 kWh/day and offsetting circa 16 tonnes of CO2 production. The house and office consume 14,000 kWh annually so a substantial amount is exported. Mr Taylor also is registered with Ofgem for Carbon Credits (ROCs) and the overall result is that together the house and turbine generate a net income.