Wind Turbine Blades Profiles optimized using CFD simulations and made with the latest resin compounds based on acrylic urethane and epoxy in combination with composite carbon and glass fibre.
Variable Pitch Blades Patented, active variable pitch system with passive safety features offers accurate control of the position of the blades and protects automatically in case of system failure.
Permanent magnet generator of 40 poles, 20 kW maximum power at 120 rpm and 1,700 Nm provides a high level of energy performance.
Anemometer Wind speed sensor accurately tracks the behaviour of the wind in real time, in order to improve the turbine’s performance and safety. 5 Controller & Monitoring
Configurable controller electronics allows the turbine to adapt to the type of grid or batteries connected, providing maximum energy generation. Remote Monitoring ensures the wind turbine is operating at its peak performance at all times.
Hydraulic Blade Control
Hydraulic system based on a highly precise position sensor determines the position of the blades according to the control algorithms.
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GENERATOR Type Permanent Magnet
Maximum Power 20 kW
Rated Power 10 kW (Software Limited)
ROTOR Configuration Horizontal Axis
No. of Blades 3
Blade Material Glass fibre
Blade Length 4.5 m
Rotor Diameter 9.8 m
Swept Area 75.4 m2
Nominal Rotor Speed 120 rpm
Pitch/Yaw Downwind active pitch with assisted yaw
WIND Cut-In Speed 2 m/s
Rated Wind Speed 9 m/s
Cut-Out Speed 30 m/s
Survival Speed 70 m/s
WEIGHTS Nacelle/Rotor 1,000 kg
TOWERS Lattice 15 – 36 m
Monopole 18 – 27 m
Tilt-Up 18 – 27 m
DESIGN PARAMETERS Turbine Design Class IEC 61400-2 Class I
Temperature Range -20° to 50°C
Lifespan & Servicing 20 years, subject to regular maintenance


  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Off-Grid
  • Micro-Grid
  • Remote & Island Communities
  • Built-Up Environments

The E-10 is capable of displacing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 60 acres of forest each year.



Energy output

Annual Mean wind Speed (m/s) Estimated Annual Output (kWh)
2 3,160
3 8,257
4 16,911
5 28,507
6 41,271
7 53,454
8 63,870
9 71,854
10 71,854

Reliability & Safety


  • Base Level: Active blade pitch control, with 90º of movement, limits power output and can put blades in a total stall position.
  • Second Level: Electronic control system activates mechanical brake with shaft lock and electromagnetic induction brake.
  • Third Level: Passive springs deploy, putting the turbine blades in a stall position, spoiling the rotor aerodynamics and subsequently its ability to rotate.


  • Remote Control: Allows the remote customization of the wind turbine to provide the optimum performance at every site.
  • Storm Detection: Intelligent storm detection algorithm and automatic safety lock protects the turbine in the event of dangerous gusts/hurricane weather.
  • LCD display in control box. Can output to local PC or be monitored remotely via the internet.


  • Anti-Corrosive Blades: The blades and nacelle are treated with epoxy paint and hermetically sealed. This gives corrosion and saline protection, making the turbine ideal for island, coastal or desert deployments.
  • Ryse Energy service and maintenance contracts available.
  • Online store for easy purchase of spare parts & equipment: ryse.energy/shop


Quiet Library 46 dB (A) 40 dB (A) Quiet Living Room 33 dB (A) Quiet Room At Night 60 m 100 m 180 m

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