GW133 Turbine Service Intervals

Service and maintenance on the turbine is an annual requirement that ensures the machine continues to operate at its best. This is also a requirement during the warranty period.

Please contact your reseller directly to arrange a service or contact Gaia-Wind and we can arrange for a number of service providers to contact you with competitive pricing.

The turbine uses a number of wearing parts which require replacement. The following items are deemed as wearing parts and are only covered by warranty if failure occurs within the minimum service life described below.

Part Description Service Life Comments
Bump Stop 24 Months This assumes the bump stops are turned 180˚ at each service
Blade Hub Springs 36 Months M20 Teeter Rod should also be changed at the same time
Hub Bushings 24 Months M20 Teeter Rod should also be changed at the same time
Gearbox Oil Sampling / Change 24 – 36 Months (30,000 hours) An independent lab can advise on contamination levels. Oil should be changed at least every 5 years regardless of contamination
Brake Pads 36 Months Although highly site dependent, the pads should be changed at least every 3 years to avoid contamination build up
Controller Contactors Until Failure Controller Contactors have a limited number of cycles and will require replacing once failed. Failure with 12 months would be covered under warranty
Online Monitoring 12 Months This is an optional service and discontinuing it will in no way affect the warranty. However, as this can be used as a diagnostic tool, not having this service may require a site visit to diagnose an issues which will incur a call out fee. Gaia-Wind may continue to monitor the turbine remotely regardless of subscription status for its own data gathering.

It is important that any spare parts used during the warranty period are Gaia-Wind supplied parts. Any third party parts obtained will not be covered under the Gaia-Wind Warranty and their use may void the warranty on the whole machine.

All serviceable parts are covered by warranty up to the end of their service life, providing they have been procured from Gaia-Wind and fitted by a recognised Gaia-Wind service partner.

A copy of the service checklist and parts used should be submitted to Gaia-Wind to ensure that all parts are recorded and their warranties renewed. If Gaia Wind has no record of a component change then Gaia-Wind will assume the part is original from the installation date.

To submit service records please send to [email protected] using the nacelle serial number and “Service Record” as the subject line.